SPANX: A Girl’s Best Friend

Please tell me you have at least one pair of Spanx. Everyone – no matter how slim and trim they are – needs a good pair of Spanx in their fashion arsenal.

Sometimes not your clothes that are making you look bad.  Repeat after me: “Embrace the Spanx. Spanx are your friend.” Spanx is on every celebrity you see on the red carpet, even the really skinny ones. And its probably on most of your friends.

Trust me.

There is no shame here between girlfriends.  So lets talk Spanx. I recently added Spanx Super Power Panties to my underthings drawer and they are fabulous. They feature a tummy taming panel, patented leg band which prevents bulges on thighs, compression zones which help target the right places and a sleek cling free finish. They are undetectable. I don’t know how they did it, but the combination of the legband-free design and the cling-free fabric is magic, I tell you. MAGIC. They’re actually quite comfy (for shapewear, anyway) and I can wear them under anything from a dress to jeans.

For gals who need a bit more coverage, the Higher Power is fabulous – it goes right up to your bra, so there is zero chance for muffin top! For maximum coverage, try the Slim Cognito – a shaping bodysuit with removable straps.

Shapewear is a bit of an investment – but you’ll wear it for years.

disclosure: i received a pair of spanx to facilitate this review. i was not compensated financially and, as always, all opinions are my own.


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  1. I love Spanx, but I have trouble with the tanks riding up after I have worn them once or twice. Although, I’m sure I shouldn’t wear them more than once…but I only have 2 so that is why I wear them more then once. Any thoughts on how to prevent them from riding up?

  2. Megan Depalma says:

    I have tried several lines of shapewear including Spanx and Dumi. A new line of shapewear by Jill Zarin known as Skweez Couture is fabulous. Fits like a glove and is very comfortable. She also has a line of tights and leggings that are great too.