UV Gel Nail Polish: For A Manicure That Lasts

I’ve recently made a discovery that has changed my life.

Okay, well, it’s changed my manicures, anyway. I hardly ever indulge in manicures because they just don’t last. If I have a special event, I’ll get a manicure the day of, so my hands look great. But invariably, the next day I have a chip, and then another. Even when I’m not at home, putting my hands in dishwater and scraping dried-on syrup off the kitchen table with my fingernails*, my nail polish still starts chipping within 24 hours of a manicure.

*My manicurist always says, “Don’t use your nails as tools!” Unfortunately I’ve never been one to take advice very well.

But now, with the miraculous invention that is Soak Off UV Gel nail polish, I can get a manicure that lasts at least a week – – usually 10 days to 2 weeks!

And no, they are not acrylic, and they are not tips.

It is nail polish that you put on your natural nails, and it sets with UV lamps, which I’m sure are neither environmentally friendly or particularly good for my skin, but they sure to keep your nails looking nice!

It’s a bit more of a process, and it does cost a bit more, but it’s worth the time and expense to get a manicure that actually lasts.

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  1. I still haven’t done this but I”m dying to try it. I am seriously hard on my nails (I use mine as tools too!) so I’m dying to put it to the test. Love that color!

  2. Love the gel manicures. I found everything I needed to do it myself on amazon. It sure beats spending an hour in the salon and its really pretty easy to do. There are plenty of detailed instructions on the net. I enjoy giving myself a manicure now when I know it will last and look great!

  3. tweety35 says:

    I just had my first uv gel manicure yesterday and am LOVING IT!!! I never thought of spending money for a “regular” manicure — I tool use my nails as “tools” so unless I was going to a special event — no pneed for a manicure. My nail tech told me it would last two weeks. so far so good — only two days but still loving it!!

  4. You will be addicted! 🙂 I get mine done every 2 weeks now.