Fashion Friday: How to Wear Stripes

You think you can’t wear stripes. Stripes make you look fatter than you are. Its a myth, girls. You CAN wear stripes and not look like a circus tent. You just need to know how! Stripes are classic, ladylike and work with everything. Except pants. Please consider striped pants always a no.

no. just no.

Now let’s get real. Striped shirts are a fabulous way to add some pattern and color to your wardrobe. Don’t wear anything tight – if you have any rolls showing, it will just… emphesize things. Go for a loose button down or a striped tee layered under another shirt.

sweater, top, jeans | top, jeans | shirt, sweater, jeans

While designers are fond of pairing wide stripes with thin stripes, and stripes with florals and such – this is not something that most of us can pull off in everyday life. Generally stick to one pattern and one solid. Striped skirts are darling – they can really flatter your curves! Striped dresses can be really tricky – stick to really wide horizontal stripes, diagnoal or stay vertical.

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  1. You always hear don’t wear horizontal stripes, but if you do it right it’s awesome. I am love with varied sized stripes this uear. Oh and I love that sweater in the middle of the 1st collection.

  2. I really want that grey and black striped dress!!!

  3. I can’t get enough of stripes sometimes, it seems. That last skirt looks especially flattering!

    • I know! It seems like that skirt is a piece you could wear all year long – great in summer with a tshirt and cute in winter with a belted cardigan!

  4. LOVE me some stripes.

    Did you guys get a makeover??

    • WE did! Isn’t it fun!?!? Hope you’ll join our new Chic Blogger Network – you guys can promote Monday Mingle there 🙂

  5. I love the stripes on an angle. The first picture was truly a fashion faux pas!

  6. I have to show my 5 year old daughter this post! She loves stripes and she’ll mix them up, too with horizontal on the bottom and vertical on top.

    I love the stripes on the dresses – so fun!

    • so fun! my daughter is the same. but she also mixes things like florals: “why don’t they match, mom? they all have flowers!”

  7. I love the dresses and striped skirt!

  8. I’m all about stripes this season! Almost too much, there’s not much in my closet that DOESN’T have them. I like the idea of layering stripes with a solid shirt; I might need to try that with my more questionable striped shirts!

    • It seems like SO many retailers are coming out with major striped collections. One of my favs, Ann Taylor Loft, is almost all stripes! It’s hard not to have them in your closet!

  9. LOVE stripes and that black shirk with the orange top is too cute. I hope to get another blog set up soon so I can link up to Fashion Friday 🙂 BTW…LOVE the new design!

  10. Love the stripes peeking out from under the cobalt sweater! Thanks for linking up to Monday Mingle!

  11. Love this! Some really great striped cardigans and sweaters! We just did a stripes post today on my blog…kicking off our pattern series!

    Leave me a comment and let me know what you think Melissa!