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This past week I went up to NYC to see Strut – The Fashionable Mom Show and it was nothing short of fabulous.

I was so thrilled when I heard about Strut. This is why I started a fashion blog. Fashion week is amazing, of course. The designers, the trends, the clothes…. but as much as I love it, its completely unattainable for 98% of women. Its just not real life. Your average mom is not about wear any of that. But Strut’s goal was to feature REAL moms in REAL fashions available in REAL stores. My goal exactly! Fashion for the rest of us!
I love it.
So many of my friends modeled in the show. They wore chic, affordable brands that are currently available in stores such as TJMaxx, Marshalls, Gap, A Pea in the Pod, Coldwater Creek, Ingrid & Isabel and Macy’s. The clothes were gorgeous – and the moms were even more so. Seeing these ladies strut their stuff on the runway was spectacular!!

I was a member of the Twitterazzi Pit, with so many other lovely ladies! We were tweeting, taking pictures and using the smartphone app, TOUT, to take some quick videos that upload right to Twitter. It was amazing – you have to watch.

Watch live streaming video from babycenter at

I’m so proud of Audrey  and Vera – they did an amazing job and once again succeeded in helping moms be their stylish best!

me, jo-lynne, vera and whitney. not sure why we're so orange!

HOW awesome is Vera’s dress??? Its from Marshall’s!! I may need to go there today.

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  1. I love that you guys were able to do this together. How exciting!!

  2. Wow! that is fantastic. I’d been following the tweets and blogs – I would have loved to have seen this live. Like you, I started a blog because I wanted to show real style 🙂 Everyone looks gorgeous