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What is a convertible dress? It is a simple streamlined dress that can be converted with a few simple moves into a different look. Convertible dresses are not really new. The concept has been around for decades — wear a long tunic as a dress or vice versa. Or slip a tube dress down and wear it as a skirt.

The first real convertible dress for plus size women came from Monif C when she debuted the Marilyn Convertible dress a few years ago. Since then it has become one of her staple pieces with new colors every season and last year she introduced a ruched and a maxi version. The extra long ties on this dress allow for at least twenty different variations on wearing it. Making it the most versatile and sought after item to have in your closet. One of the things I like about this piece is it fits sizes 8 to 24 so if you happen to up or down a few pounds the dress is still more than wearable. With it comes the boutique price of $195 ($235 for the maxi).

plus size convertible dresses by Monif C

Monif C has over eight instructional videos on how to wrap their convertible dress. Here is one to give you some ideas:

Last year Swak Designs introduced their own version of the convertible dress, the Anastasia Interchangeable Dress. It is a slightly different fabric, has fewer color choices (although the ones they have are quite nice), has a greater size range (but is not a one size fits most) with a 1x to 3x and a 4x to 6x, and it is more than half the price at $69 ($89 for the maxi). This season they have added a shark tooth hemline to the short dress.

plus size convertible dresses by Swak Designs

Swak Designs has a do-it-yourself video on how to wear their dress:

This year Addition-Elle unveiled their convertible dress which has a slightly different style than the previous two mentioned. Instead of the dress and straps being one piece the straps are a separate piece of material stitched on the bodice. The Convertible Dress is only available in black and is sold in separate sizing from X to 4x for $59.

plus size convertible dress from Addition Elle

Addition-Elle has a fun do-it-yourself video on how to experiment with wrapping their dress:

The convertible dress is an ideal piece all year round whether you are working or traveling. I have heard great stories about them packing well and drying fast when washed. But most importantly, the convertible dress is synonymous with fun.

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  1. Bridgett says:

    Thanks Moe! I just purchased the SWAK convertible dress and received it yesterday. I love the color and think it would be perfect for a wedding I am attending in Cancun, Mexico in August. I was disappointed that there were no instructions included on how to wrap the dress and was debating on whether to return the dress. I decided to search the Internet to see if I can find instructions. Now that I have more info I will think twice about sending the dress back! I look forward to reading more of your articles. Thanks again!