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I found Style-Delights a few weeks ago and quickly fell in love with Jyoti and her adorable blog! I love her style – if she lived nearby, I would want her to be my shopping buddy!  Jyoti says, “I started Style-Delights to combine my passions of writing, fashion and shopping! I see countless fashion blogs and magazines where the fashion and pictures are gorgeous, but I bet in real life, pulling that look off could be tricky! So when I started my fashion blog, I wanted to write about the practical aspect of style and fashion, and how I can realistically translate couture fashion and latest trends in my wardrobe. You will find a lots of ‘How To’ articles and expensive celebrity ‘Style For Less’ posts on my blog.”
And look how gorgeous she is:
And now everyone, meet Jyoti!
1.  How do you describe your style?

I would say my style is conservative yet playful. I usually stick to classic style, but love to put unexpected things together for a fresh look. I also believe in good fit – tailoring the outfits for my body, no matter what style.

2.   What’s your favorite thing in your closet?

My cardigans! {does this make me old fashioned?} I have cardigans and shrugs in various colors and prints and love to use them with dresses, skirt, Jeans & Tshirts to remix my wardrobe.

3. What was your ‘best buy’ story?

I have a denim jacket that I got for 9 bucks from a shop I don’t even remember the name of! My friends (even my husband) did not like it, saying it looked a bit ‘odd’ – it had short sleeves and didn’t look like a proper jacket! But I knew I could style it with a lot of pieces in my closet. And guess what – that jacket got me featured on Huffington Post when they featured the Denim Style of bloggers! So I say, if you think you can style an unusual piece, buy it!! {Even if your husband says It looks ‘Odd’!!}

4. What are your favorite stores to shop? 

I love Ann Taylor and J Crew stores for their professional and classy style, Forever 21 for trends and ‘disposable’ pricing, ASOS and Zappos for easy online shopping.

5.  Name the most valuable tool in your makeup/skincare bag
I have problem skin, so I tend to stick to the products I know will not trouble my skin. For me MAC studio fix pressed powder is a must- it covers up without clogging pores. I swear by vaseline! USAGE: On the lips, on the cuticles, on the heels, on the eyelashes (yes, just take some vaseline on your forefinger and rub it with the thumb, and use it on the tips of your lashes for quick shine without the thickness of mascara) and of course on the teeth when you take a picture! – Red Carpet beauties do it too!!

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