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My kids all have dandruff. They’ve had it forever, and it seems like nothing seems to work. I hate using strong anti-dandruff products on their little heads – they usually have such a strong, mediciney odor. So I usually just use a gentle anti-dandruff shampoo every few days and Suave Kids the rest of the time. My husband uses anti-dandruff every day and I use it at least once a week.

Then we discovered Suave Scalp Solutions.

Our whole family is now loving this shampoo!! After only two weeks, the kids’ hair is soft, clean and totally flake free. It so gentle, so effective and smells amazing. I love it too: it leaves my hair soft and moisturized – no itchy dry scalp even in winter! I highly recommend Suave Scalp Solutions – especially if you have kids with flakes. (Why aren’t there dandruff products for kids? I know so many other moms who have this same issue with their kids!) Thanks to Suave, I have a gentle, but effective treatment for their delicate hair! This definitely makes my “Best of Beauty” list!



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  1. Suave is really stepping it up. I have loved every new product they have recently released. Haven’t tried the Keratin line yet. The Suave Professionals line Dry Shampoo is hands down the best one available in any price range if you ask me.