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This Spring, beauty trends are all about freshness, natural beauty and surprising pops of color. Much like what we’re seeing in the fashion arena right now, beauty products are all about flattering the individual and bringing a little something extra. I am working on a series of these posts to cover everything from hair to makeup to nail polish. We’re starting with the eyes, and there’s much more to come!


Your peepers will glow in neon:

Just like with jeans, T’s, dresses, and nail polish (but more on the nail polish later!) neon is having a major moment in eye makeup. Don’t cringe and don’t click away from this article. Just give me a chance to explain! A beautifully done spring eye starts with a neutral base and ends with a long, dark lash. But what happens in between is up to you, and there are many funky options that might just look perfect, no matter whether you’re headed to a meeting, a parent-teacher conference, or date night with your hubby.

What to try:

Neon is best done on the eyes with just a little pop. Choose a lite-bright eye liner and apply against an otherwise nude eye. Check out this dark-neon purple from Smashbox that appears to glow from within. Dip your liner brush in this pot of magic and apply an even line (chunky or narrow, your choice) along the edge of your top lashes. Keep your eye otherwise bare and then follow up with black mascara. You might just be surprised at how perfect this shade is.

Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof liner in Midnight Purple, $22,

Or, work in a neon shadow as your base using just a touch spread thin over the entire eye area, then mute it a bit with the addition of dark brown eye liner. If you’d rather go the shady lady route, check out one of the new neon shadows that are making a splash on the market. Don’t try to pick something that you think “matches” like, I have yellow-tinted skin so I should go with yellow shadow, or I have blue eyes so I should go with blue shadow. Instead, go with a color you think will stand out against your skin and eyes, like a bright coral or neon mint green. Pinks tend to work best on very fair or very dark skin, while electric teals and purples are perfect on most of us. I own this NARS duo with metallic and matte teal shadow. They are easy to apply with your finger tip and you can mix them together or just go with one. A hot coral is super-sexy for spring and is sure to turn heads as you make your way through your day.

NARS duo cream shadow in Burn it Blue, $34,


Urban Decay eye shadow in Free Love, $18,


Or, they can whisper in pastel:

Not prepared to jump on the neon train? We won’t force it on you. But there are other fun ways to play with color on your eyes this spring, and pastels are easy to work into your routine. Take a page from the Dior Beaute books; their Garden Party collection was inspired by the whimsical, floral, delicious pastels that strutted down the Dior runways this couture season, and I personally can’t get enough. Invest in a duo or a palette of five colors, and indulge your sense of color every time you play with these pretty pastels.

Pastel pinks and purples are enriched with deep violet and vivid gray for the perfect balance of warmth.

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  1. urban decay’s neon inspired eye liners are amazing as well!

    • Yes, I am obsessed with those liners too! For another fun look, you can do a smoky eye at night and use your neon liner along the bottom lash line followed by plenty of mascara. Super cute!!