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Ah, lipstick. How I love thee! How I love the fact that the addition of a perfect lip color can change the entire makeup look, dressing you up or down or simply making you look like a trendsetter. I was at work the other day and one of our security guards, a particularly burly man who never does more than grunt a “hello” in my direction stopped dead in his tracks at the sight of me. “You look different today,” he remarked, trying very hard, I could tell, not to cross the line of appropriateness. “I do?” I inquired, in the name of research, of course. I knew I looked different that day but I was eager to see if a very masculine, very un-beauty obsessed individual would know why. “Yeah, your lipstick’s paler. It looks cool!” Well, that was as high as I was going to get out of him on the compliment meter, but I took it.

I remain impressed by the fact that a beauty outsider would notice a change from my standard posy pink or red lips to a shimmering, glossy beige. You will be pleased as your husband/friend/child/neighbor makes the same don’t-you-look-lovely observation when you step out in your new spring lipstick. There are two very different trends emerging for spring that, despite their opposite-ends-of-the-spectrum status, might just be your top two go-to’s in the coming months. Let’s discuss.

Bright pink:

A bold pink says you’re a fierce, hot mama with a girly side. Go for a color that makes you smile and remember that when you wear bright pink lips, you can ease up on the rest of your makeup. Make sure any blemishes or other redness are covered up because bright lips make red spots on the face appear more obvious. I often do hot pink lipstick to work with nothing else on my face except some mascara and concealer. Instant glam!


You can try a matte hot pink like this one for a major punch...

...or a try a shimmering, reflective warm pink like Maybelline's ColorSensational lipstick Disco Pink, $7.49,

Creamy nude:

Beige lips are ultra-sexy, and they’re appropriate for the school run, church, or groceries but will also add that special touch of pretty you’re craving. Try an opaque cream-hued lipgloss and apply evenly in two layers every couple of hours, or go for a rich nude lipstick topped off with clear gloss to create a fuller looking lip.


Whether you're a supermodel or not, this creamy nude lip look will be perfect on you.

I'm a big fan of this L'Oreal Coulour Riche option in Naturally Nude. At under $8, it's a bargain and the color is divine. So are the anti-aging ingredients.

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  1. I love the pink lipstick but it may just be a little too bold for me. My husband always said I had “Angelina Jolie” lips and bright colors make them look bigger. But I LOVE the nude! That’s more my style and I’m a big fan of L’Oreal Coulour Riche. I haven’t tried their Naturally Nude yet, but I definitely will now. I’ve always found it hard to find that right shade of Nude, some seem too light for my skin. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Yay Paola! It’s a universally lovely color and I’m sure it will look great on your full, gorgeous lips. Let us know how you like it!
    xo Jenny