Best of Beauty :: Calgon… Take Me Away!

Look what arrived on my doorstep this past week.

BOY DID I NEED THIS! I was way beyond “Calgon, take me away.” I was “Calgon, get me the HECK outta here!”

Serious aromatherapy was needed, folks.

The Refreshing Body Mist is yummy. Mine is Berry Refreshing and its lovely. It has a very light scent that lasts for several hours. Not overpowering – perfect for summer when you don’t want to wear a heavy fragrance. It comes in tons of scents for whatever your preferences are.

I also tried out the new sensual mist sexy fragrance mist collection. Very nice – I love the angelic kiss scent most. It was soft and romantic, with floral, citrusy undertones.  Flirty tease is fun and fresh – with hints of orange blossoms and exotic jasmine. This is closest to the scent I wear everyday. Last is the femme inferno scent. Rawr! Its sultry and sexy – a bit musky. Very sexy indeed.  I really was not expecting to like these as much as I did! They really are all lovely!
I love how light all these fragrances are. They scent your skin, but don’t overwhelm you. And at these prices, you can play with your scents and mix things up!

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