Ten Fashion Do’s for Plus Size Women

On the Plus Side With Moe

For the last twenty years fashion has been about what plus size women should not do; but last five years there has been a shift in the thinking, that encourages women to look good on their own terms by ditching the old rules. Fashion for plus size women is no longer about looking slimmer but looking good no matter what our size.

Looking good on your own terms involves taking the advice of others, applying to your lifestyle and personality then adjusting them to suit. In other words, if my fashion do’s don’t do-it-for-you on some level then move on to the next or better yet, define your own rules.


  • Wear bright color tops, dresses, bottoms, and swimsuits.
  • Experiment with belts — thick AND thin.
  • Wear stripes and not just vertical ones either.
  • Experiment with bold patterns and graphics, maybe even mix two.
  • Fork out the money for a good supporting strapless bra and actually wear it.
  • Wear a tube dress (with the bra you forked out the money for above).
  • Add variety to your shoes. There are two inch, three inch, four inch heels, the choice is yours.
  • Try a two piece bikini (but don’t forget to apply sunscreen your tummy).
  • Shop for the size you are now.
  • Dress for the size you are now.
plus size clothing from Ashley Stewart

Examples from Ashley Stewart

The most important thing you can do for your wardrobe is have variety. Gone are the days where we kept the same pair of pants until we died. Try to avoid the clothes horse syndrome too — if you are not wearing it give it to someone who will.

Plus size fashion, clothing period, is supposed to be fun. We should not limit ourselves because someone has arbitrarily decided, “That does not look good on fat!”

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  1. Amen! Fashion is all about wearing what makes YOU look good!

    • Definitely Jenn and we all live different lifestyles and have different personalities. It’s fun to learn from others and see how others are dressing but in the end we have to adapt it to ourselves — make it our own. Thanks for commenting!

  2. This is a great post! I love to see plus sized fashionable women.

    • Thanks Uneeka, so do I! We all have a different idea of what is fashionable which is OK as long as we don’t get caught up in someone else’s opinion of what is fashionable for us.

  3. love the dress for your size now comments, works for all of us really. Plus if you do fluctuate in size – you can always fund your new wardrobe with selling on consignment!

    • Thanks Jane. I love consignment shopping when I can find a good walk in store and eBay knows me all too well! LOL

  4. Agreed! Sometimes I feel like I should just wear black and grey all the time because they are slimming. But that’s soooooo boring and I’m naturally drawn to bright things. Thanks for the “permission slip” to embrace our vibrant sides!

  5. Great positive post love it.. Bar is a great point! I love dresses where them all the time!

  6. GREAT article – and so very necessary! It’s not about hiding ourselves, but celebrating ourselves!!!