Chic Up Your Everyday with Staples

I am completely obsessed with the Staples Arc Notebook.  I have a secret passion for lists. I make lists constantly. All. Day. Long. To-do lists, grocery lists, lists for work. While I do keep things on my digital calendar, I really need the visual of a paper list to keep myself organized.

This weekend, I got another Arc Notebook at the Mom Mixer in Philly, of which Staples was one of the sponsors, and I was thrilled. The Arc notebook isn’t just cute (because it really is cute), but the Staples Arc Notebook is totally customizable! You start with the notebook – you can pick from a variety of notebook options from both size and material (leather, starting at $14.99 vs poly, starting at $7.99) It comes with 60 repositionable  pages. Which is an awesome feature as sometimes you may just need to grab a sheet and go – or you may want to swap one page out for another.

The Arc also offers some cool pages with tabs that you can use as dividers to have different sections. I have a section for home, one for work and one for shopping lists. I literally use this product every  single day and I love it! (I have the super chic black and white damask one!)

Check out the entire Staples Arc Notebook line! I love that this product works for just about anyone – it will make a terrific gift for the holidays for everyone from teachers to grandma!

Disclaimer:  I received this product to facilitate this post, but I actually already had one that I loved.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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