Hard Candy makes CC Cream Affordable

First it was BB Creams. Now CC Creams are taking over!  And while DD Creams have just been announced, CC Creams are still all the rage. And, sadly, they’re not cheap. So say hello to Hard Candy!  They will be launching their first-ever CC Cream at Wal-Mart…and it’s only $8! For just $8 customers will see moisturizing, priming, color correcting, brightening and evening of skin tones with the addition of a broad spectrum SPF 15.

hardcandyHard Candy’s CC Crème provides five flawless functions:

  1. Color corrects undertone with unique light reflecting optical pearls
  2. Neutralizes skin tone by blurring blemishes, discolorations and dark spots
  3. Brightens complexions with glowing air brushed finish
  4. Evens skins texture for a smooth flawless appearance
  5. Oil free crème moisturizes skin all day without clogging pores

The Hard Candy CC Crème will be available exclusively at Wal-Mart as of February, and will included four different shades. I’m totally picking up – how about you?

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  1. Glad you explained this trend. I’m still on the B’s!