Eye Makeup That Lasts

Summer is an especially difficult time to get that eye makeup to stay put.  Every one of us has probably sported raccoon eyes at some point already this summer! Luckily, there are some products on the market that can keep your makeup in place. (Its a great time to be alive, isn’t it?) AND we’ve put together the whole kit with pieces around $5. Yes, that’s right. Try out our eye makeup philosophy – see if you don’t believe us! It will cost less than $20 – what do you have to lose? (Except raccoon eyes, that is.)

1. EYE PRIMER – Primers serve a purpose – its not just the lady at the makeup counter trying to upsell you. Using primer to eyelids before makeup is like adding a base coat to your mani or primer to your walls – you are making the surface smooth and ready to hang on to the next coat. You can splurge here is you want, but you can great great results with ELF for only $3.

Fullscreen capture 8122013 80039 PM.bmp

2. Switch to Cream Shadow

Even in the winter, I am devoted to cream shadows now! My shadow stays fresh all day and I no longer have that yucky eye shadow crease or my eye shadow disappearing all together!  I will often layer traditional shadows on top, but my base coat is always cream shadow! My favorite favorite is MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Cream. It will stay on FOR EVER – swim, shower, whatever. Its amazing. But for a cheaper option, ELF has a cream shadow for $3. And it last really well.

Fullscreen capture 8122013 80850 PM.bmp

3. Liner is your friend

Liner will really make your eyes pop – and its great in summer because it defines your eyes without adding a lot of bulk. You want a waterproof/non-smudge version. I love PixiBeauty’s Lash Line Ink ($16), but again ELF has a waterproof eyeliner pen for only $2.

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4. Waterproof Mascara. Ok. DUH! This is a gimmie. I’m sure you know this one by now! I love DIOR Mascara ($25) but for everyday, I use Maybelline ($6).

Fullscreen capture 8122013 82546 PM.bmp

**When your makeup REALLY needs to stay put, use Skindianavia Make Up Setting Spray. THE BEST – spray it on your face after your makeup (but before mascara) and your makeup will not move. Period. Its pricey for everyday, but great to keep around for when you need to look great all day long!**


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  1. I am using the Palmer’s BB Cream for the summer. I have been totally pleased by it. Great post.