Fashion Friday: Tween Swimsuits

I was talking with a few friends this week and we were lamenting how HARD it is to find tween swimsuits. You know, they don’t want a little girl one piece with a skirt, but they are NOT going to wear a skimpy bikini quite yet, thankyouverymuch.

Well, relax, Mama. We found a few really cute/cool/sweet/whatever word the cool kids are saying suits that will make both parents and tweens happy!


For the sporty gal: If your daughter is less of a beach lounger and more of a snorkeler/kayaker/wave rider, you need something a little more sturdy. This one piece stays in place and lets her enjoy and play without having to constantly tug things back where they belong. And at $15? Buy 2.

Cute Swimsuits for Tweens

For the prep: These stripes are just adorable. And this tankini (which both my girls are rocking this year) is long enough that the top reaches the bottoms – which my daughter prefers. And its $25!



For the free spirit: Go with patterns. LOTS of patterns! This boho tankini is adorable and on sale for $50!



For the glamour girl: Can you just see this with a big floppy hat? Only $18!


For the surfer: Rashguards are FAR from boring these days. cute tween swimwear is $17!

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! I was talking to my 4 yr old the other day about how inappropriate I found bikinis on kids & tweens (even though almost all the girls around her wear them) – glad to know there are other options out there!
    🙂 Danica

  2. Thanks, Danica! I had such a long conversation with some fellow moms the other day about this in-between time and trying to find things that both us AND our girls liked!

  3. Hey Melissa,

    I see that you’re looking for fashion-related links only… I have a beauty/fashion/lifestyle YouTube channel and I was wondering if it would be okay to link up beauty videos (my fashion/ootd videos are sadly far between because they take FOREVER to film and edit). Here’s the link to a recent tutorial I put up: Let me know if things like that are ok! I’d love to link up here 🙂
    Thanks + have a great day.

  4. Hi! This is my first time linking up here 🙂 I do a monthly thrift challenge with another blogger (Dinas Days) and normally I take on DIY/craft/home decor projects and she does fashion. We swithched it up this month and she challenged me with a Summer maternity outfit so I wanted to share it here on All Things Chic. Cant wait to check out some of the other great outfits! Thanks for hosting!