Summer Beauty Hacks for the Busy Mama


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Have you ever found yourself relaxing at the beach with the family, decided to trek up to the bathroom, and been instantly horrified by the reflection you see in the mirror? Hair in a mess, skin blotchy, minimal makeup that looked so cute at home, now sweat-streaked and spidery? We’ve all been there. And though I’m far from a daytime diva, I do like to keep my warm-weather routine in check to ensure that I’m looking cute, fresh, and natural whether the day brings carpools or cocktails. These are my top tips:


1. Skip the Sunscreen — Sort Of. You know how important it is to protect your skin, but daily application can be such a chore, especially if you don’t plan to “really” be in the sun. But even ten minutes can leave your visage over-exposed, so build in success by opting for a foundation containing SPF. I absolutely can’t get enough of Clinique Redness Solutions Makeup with SPF 15. The calming formula provides broad spectrum protection with probiotic technology to help your skin build up its natural defenses. And, it’s designed to even out blotchiness and reduce the appearance of flare-ups, something summer sun can bring on at any time. $27,


2. Don’t be Afraid of the Braid. Sure, those fancy waterfalls you see on Pinterest are totally gorgeous, but a small part of me is convinced they exist to make the rest of us feel bad. Not only do I not have the skills to create them, I certainly don’t have the time to try to figure it out. Hack the chic summer braid with an easier style and stretch an extra day or two out of your shampoo. By fall, your locks will be longer and more luscious, and no one has to know this chic style only takes you a few minutes. Find the 2-minute tutorial on the beautiful braid bun above on


3. Make Vaseline Your New Bestie. Sure, it’s great to have on hand for boo-boos, but Vaseline is also a summer beauty cure-all I couldn’t live without. Keep a small container in your purse or diaper bag and use it for everything from lipgloss (obv) to eye brightener. Yup, I mean it — a gentle dab of the stuff applied right beneath the brows at the top of the eyelid creates gorgeous summer sheen, opening up the entire area. It’s great for use on fly-aways, and I also rub some on my front teeth before applying red or bright pink lipstick; it keeps the color where it belongs.


4. Feel Light — Look Tight. I’m a shapewear addict, and love looking pulled in no matter what I’m wearing. Whatever the day entails from backyard shenanigans with the neighbors in a fitted cotton maxi to a glam summer wedding, the smoothing of my trusted shaping panties can make everything better. But who wants to feel like they’re in bondage during the hotter months? And I don’t think we need to say more than cotton is best for summer. Introducing my new pals, the cotton Mina, Gina, and Tina shaping bottoms from Yummie Tummie. (That’s brief, thong, and shortie to you.) You’ll feel your sexiest while keeping the area breathing in these uber-comfy, affordable must-haves. $18 a pair; shop the collection here.


5. Walk the Line. A natural makeup look is lovely, but sometimes you just want an added pop of pretty. My favorite summer trick is to “fake” a lined eye with the more muted appeal of narrowly applied eye shadow. Unlike it’s harsher cousin, shadow is soft and luscious, creating the hint of enhancement without screaming, “I’m wearing makeup, and none of you people are!”  Select a shadow brush with a narrow tip, turn it on its end, and swipe that side into the darkest hue in the pot. Apply evenly along the lower and/or upper lash line, following only with a sweep of mascara. My favorite compact, above, comes with the perfect brush and deep browns for this application. Christian Dior 5 Couleurs Designer available in four awesome palettes, $60 each,


My husband loves this “natural” look — and you’d swear Harry the pup is wearing more makeup than I am!

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