Pretty Please: A Polish for You & Your Girls


There are so many mommy-daughter bonding moments I can’t wait to experience with my little girl. In fact, when we found out that we were having a girl, the first thing my husband said was, “Are you excited to get your nails done together?” Um, yes! But another of my favorite pastimes is doing my own at home, and I look forward to the day when my little one is old enough to partake.


In case you haven’t heard of them, one of my favorite brands out there is Pretty Please Polish. Select your classic, edgy, or trendy color on their site and then name it for yourself and your daughter. The options are limitless, and this personalized gift is great for holidays, birthdays, or just some relaxed Sunday fun. Whether you get really clever and incorporate her name, “Gracie Gold,” or give the product a moniker tied to your family traditions or the time of year, this is a fun and special gift she’ll love.


I sat down with Founder and Chief Polish Officer Sara Alter for the scoop on this awesome brand and how they got their start:

Where did the idea spark to create the brand? How did you get started? After graduating from college with a degree in Fashion Design, I moved home to Maryland with plans to open a clothing boutique with a combination of my own designs and other emerging designers. I created my business plan, found real estate, and was moving forward when a bump in the road made me stop and reevaluate my plans. Taking that pause helped me to realize that I needed more experience, both personally and professionally, before I was ready to run a business. Years of experience later, I was getting ready to revisit those plans, this time in New York City, when I went looking for a unique gift for my mom.  I came up with the idea to name a nail polish in her favorite color and went to buy it for her online. When I couldn’t find personalized nail polish anywhere, I saw a hole in the market and decided to create the nail polish myself. It was a process, but I ended up with the right business, at the right time.


What is it about nail polish that customers/beauty consumers love so much? I think the best part about nail polish is that it’s a simple way to complete a look. It’s subtle but it adds a lot of value. Plus, it’s easy to change based on your mood and style. Also, unlike lipstick, which you can only enjoy on yourself when looking in the mirror, nail polish is as much for the consumer to enjoy as everyone else. In a world that requires us to be on a computer, tablet or phone for the majority of the day, more than ever, our nails are front and center. Nail polish can provide a feel good, stylish pop of color, all day long.


Any forecasting for fall and winter polish trends this year? Fall usually brings the rich hues of burgundy, navy and deep purple and with winter comes the holiday sparkle and shine. I anticipate this year continuing with these color trends but with a lot of two tone manicures. Why wear just one color when you have so many beautiful options to choose from!?

Do you have a favorite color or two from the current collection? The color that is closest to my heart is our Hot Pink (color #5), which is my mom’s go-to shade and the reason the company was created in the first place. In terms of what I’ve been wearing, this season I’ve been gravitating towards Ink Blue (color #13). It feels sophisticated but it has an edge. It also looks pretty next to both gold and silver jewelry.


What’s next for Pretty Please? We have a few exciting changes underway. In the near future you can look out for International shipping to Australia and Canada. We have a limited edition shade, coming soon, that’s sure to have you sparkling through the holidays (hint, hint). We are also working on adding a “Bottle Boutique” to the website which will offer our top sellers already named, perfect for the customer who wants a unique gift but who isn’t feeling creative.

unnamed-7Pricing varies upon purchase quantity. Get started at only $12 a bottle on Pretty Please

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  1. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but I LOVE nail polish and their shades look lovely. The packaging is super cute, too! I will definitely be checking them out. 🙂

    xo Always, Abby