The jimmyCASE: An Ingenius Invention for Busy Parents


I’m absolutely gushing over my new iPhone case, and not only for its sleek yet artisinal design, either. Created to solve a common problem so many of us have, the jimmyCASE is a parent’s dream come true.

How many times have you found yourself out and about with way too much of your own junk on hand? It’s pretty rare that you need the contents of your entire wallet on a standard errand, right? And the phone is an absolute must-have for many of us. The jimmyCASE, a handmade product, features a snug pocket on the back for slipping in credit cards, cash, a driver’s license, or whatever similar items you might need on hand.

jimmyCASE fits perfectly into my 5-items-or-less approach to running errands with a baby.

jimmyCASE fits perfectly into my 5-items-or-less approach to running errands with a baby.

When I have my hands full with Willow, it’s a pain digging through the diaper bag for the wallet, rummaging around for a $10 bill or a credit card, and so on. In effect it attaches your essentials to the one essential we moms never leave the house without — our connection to the rest of the world!

With styles made to fit most phone makes and models, and a slew of color options to choose from, the jimmyCASE is a great option for all. The woven pocket is stylish and soft, while a wooden (genuine mahogany) background and rubber bumper make it functional and attractive at once. Each jimmyCASE is handmade to order in the USA (California, to be exact!), so you can feel even better about this purchase. For $39, it’s one we suggest you make today!



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