Mrs. Perez

Mrs. Perez is a Peruvian-born, Floridian-bred aspiring Michigander who loves being outdoors but can’t stand bugs and creepy crawlies. She’s a rockstar in her shower, a ballerina in her living room, and a gymnast in her dreams. Yes, she does have a lot of scope for imagination… In February 2010 she got to marry Mr. Perez, the most handsome man on earth.
Even though she has a degree in medieval history, Mrs. Perez works in digital advertising. She spends her free time volunteering as a middle school basketball coach, NFP teacher, and social media manager for The Brides Project. She loves shopping, but shudders at the thought of paying full price. Favorite brands include Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Calvin Klein, and J.Crew – and she usually finds these at her local thrift store or Marshall’s. Mrs. Perez blogs at Part-Time Homemaking.

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