Maria José (or just Maria) is a Chilean, raised in the USA with a hint of Britishness mamá living in the Washington, DC area after six years in the UK. She and her husband decided it would be best to move back and be closer to their families and of course, for the free babysitting.

She has an MA in Public Communication and Public Relations from the University of Westminster and worked as a PR & Social Media Manager in a London agency until September of 2011 when they moved back. She is now “in transition” and readjusting to her new life Stateside. However, she and the suburbs are not getting along too well she’s itching for some city living.  She has a three year old son who she is raising bilingual, is a runner (when she can) and participates in AmDram.

She has two blogs: Mummy’s Busy World where she writes from her son’s point of view on all things parenting, family life and family fun and Very Busy Mamá {life, style & beauty} her newest site that focuses on things that we as mothers and women love such as fashion, beauty and fitness but often put aside when the children come along. No longer having a (somewhat) disposable income or the same body, she talks about working with what you have, how to shop your own closet and staying stylish on a MAJOR budget. Looking good doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

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