Oral Health is Key..


We do so many things every day to keep ourselves healthy - eating right, sleeping, exercise... but it only takes four minutes a day is all it takes to keep our mouths healthy.   As a mom, I can attest to the frustration that is involved with getting kids to brush their teeth. Do you … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: St..


Banana Republic is having a crazy sale and there are tons of styles to choose from!  Lots on sale PLUS 50% off lots of styles PLUS 40% off your purchase with code BRSHOPNOW. What's in my shopping cart? I love this boat neck pullover! Dress up or down to perfection. I love this … [Read more...]

Trend Watch: Show ..

cliff walk

This fall, one of the top trends is PREP! Especially for tweens and teens, preppy looks are everywhere! Personally, I'm loving it. We live in New England, which practically invented preppy! I'm layering on jeans with boat shoes, sweaters with button downs, cardigans with scarves. I can't get enough! … [Read more...]

Fall into Providen..

Roger Williams Park Zoo Pumpkin

We moved to Providence in the late summer and we were immediately in love - we were minutes from the beach, we were riding our bikes and kayaking along the water every weekend, not to mention the seafood. Then came fall. That's when we lost our hearts completely.  Its breathtaking! And there is just … [Read more...]

Beauty Test Drive:..


We've touched on chic fall lip colors in recent weeks, but let's delve a bit deeper into the pool of what's gorgeous right now. From nearly nude to deep and vampy, 2014's autumn palette offers plenty of hues that will take you from day to night, whether you're more into keeping things subtle or … [Read more...]

Fall & Winter..


Despite my constant whining, it was actually a lot easier to find maternity clothes for warmer temps. In my case, a smaller bump paired well with the summer weather but beyond that, a bohemian cotton frock is a lot friendlier to a widening middle than, say, denim can be. But as fall has made its … [Read more...]

A Solid Foundation


We all know that the most solid foundation you can have for a healthy face is the right skin care. That means removing makeup and washing at night, toning, moisturizing, and treating breakouts. And of course, sunscreen in the morning. But even the most diligent among us can find ourselves with … [Read more...]

Surprisingly Chic ..


As a mom-to-be in my eighth month of pregnancy, the nesting is in full effect. But when not working on my nursery or rearranging the kitchen cabinets for the ninth time in a week, I find great solace in searching the Interwebs for chic clothes I can put my little one in. Don't get me wrong -- I love … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Fa..

Fullscreen capture 10102014 95035 AM.bmp

Want to find some fun pieces for your fall wardrobe?  Let us and the folks at J.Jill help. Don't forget - The J.Jill Compassion Fund is committed to supporting community-based programs that focus on disadvantaged and homeless women. To date, more than $6 million has been donated! From October … [Read more...]