Last-Minute Gifts ..


The perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift can be a head-scratcher, especially with so many pricier options rearing their heads this season. For a reasonably priced gift in a pinch, I like to stick with small accessories, cosmetics, and treats. A little glitter never hurt, especially if … [Read more...]

Be Hip with a Baby..


Baby-wearing is taking the Pinterest world by storm, and as intrigued as I was with the concept before I got pregnant, it wasn't until Day Four at home with my little when I realized how important this trend is. Now, I have an almost-three-week-old, and my husband is back at work. The throngs of … [Read more...]

Candy Cane Butter ..

candy cane toffee recipe - easy and great gift

This is so easy, you will not even believe it! And it makes a great gift! This recipe is done in two parts. You are going to create the butter toffee layer and then follow up with the peppermint chocolate layer on top. Gather your ingredients and let's dig … [Read more...]

Elizabeth + Clarke..

Elizabeth and Clarke Winter Collection Review

Confession: I've never subscribed to a box service. Everyone I know subscribes to beauty boxes, food boxes, jewelry or clothing boxes that arrive every month and I've NEVER found one that I would do on a regular basis. Then I discovered Elizabeth & Clarke. I always struggled with the … [Read more...]

Hot Jewels: Add so..

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As you're planning out your holiday looks for this holiday season, don't be afraid to add some sparkle!! A sequined camisole becomes daywear when paired with a blazer. shop this look Or go even bolder with a sequined skirt! shop the look But my favorite way to add some sparkle this … [Read more...]

Healthy Essentials..

ready for yoga

The holidays are an extra busy time for all of us moms. We are juggling decorating and gift giving, holiday parties, school programs... Throw in a school vacation or two on top of everything you already have in your busy schedule and we're toast! Sometimes we're so busy taking care of out … [Read more...]

Create Memories wi..


The holidays are fast approaching and so are our deadlines to finish up some holiday DIY projects!  I'm always so optimistic about how many I'm going to get done and usually fall short because I forgot to pick up something at the craft store.  So I'm always looking for supplies that I can have on … [Read more...]

Absolut Entertaini..

pear martini

For me, there's nothing like entertaining during the holidays. The house is decorated, twinkle nights are completely acceptable and everyone is feeling so darn festive. You can't beat it! This year, we are staying home for Christmas, so we are thinking that a Christmas Eve cocktail party is in … [Read more...]

Holiday Style: Off..


Whether it's gathering 'round the table with family and friends for a big, stuffed bird, or decking the halls with colleagues in a little, black dress, this time of year brings so many unique opportunities to mix things up in both your routine and your outfits. But before you panic about what to … [Read more...]