Exfoliate your lips for a perfect pucker

As the weather gets a little warmer my thoughts are turning to spring. It conjures up pictures of bright colors in my mind and the latest reports on the trends for Spring 2009 are no exception. The forecast is calling for lots of bright coral and hot pink to start blooming at the makeup counter.

On your lips these bold colors will highlight and enhance ever crack and crevice that formed when the frigid temperatures, bitter winds and dry air of winter sucked the moisture from your kisser. It doesn’t matter how much ChapStick or Blistex or Carmex you may have slathered on you over the past few months you need to exfoliate your lips.

I have tried all kinds of specialty products in the past but nothing beats what some kind and frugal female member of my family passed onto me – it was so long ago that I can’t remember who taught me this sage little nugget.

Brush Those LipsThe best and most frugal thing for exfoliating your lips is your toothbrush. Yep! Either right before or right after brushing your teeth, with the toothpaste still on your brush gently brush your lips. I said, gently. We’re taking care of some rather delicate skin here. If your lips start hurting or bleeding you’ve been scrubbing too hard. You want to use small circular strokes and massage your lips for up to a minute. The toothpaste will give you a little lubrication for the job and any mint will add a little extra plump to your pucker.

When you’re done rinse off the toothpaste and put on some kind of moisturizing lip gloss or even some Vaseline. In fact, if you aren’t trying to slip this into your routine like a harried mother (that would be me) then you can scrub your lips using the toothbrush with a little bit of Vaseline and the results will be even more fabulous.

And, voila! You’ve now got the smoothest, softest lips ever. Not only will your bright coral lipstick go on easier it will feel better and be oh, so kissable!

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  1. What a great tip!!

  2. oh i’ve been doing this forever and it totally works! it’s also helpful to help relieve and get rid of the chapped lips my kids can’t seem to avoid in the winter




  4. Yep! I do this sometimes; it really does work!

  5. Awesome idea. Thanks for sharing.