Homemade Sugar Scrubs

I'm not all that crafty. I love small projects. I like simple and quick. I get too impatient for projects that are too involved. That's why I was just thrilled when Domino Sugar contacted me about making something from the homemade gift section of their site. I hadn't given much thought to … [Read more...]

Severe Dry Lip Remedy That Really Works

For some reason my lips have been terribly dry this autumn season. I usually don't see the side-effects of the colder weather until January or later. And on top of that, they looked as though I had received a botched collagen injection. Not a pretty sight. In my desperate attempt to solve my … [Read more...]

Lather Up, Ladies!

My Experience with Lather Products I was recently contacted by a rep from Lather, Inc., a natural beauty company based in Pasadena, California. She shared a little about the products - enough to entice me. Lather, Inc. sent me a generous package of products to try, and I am happy to share my … [Read more...]

Before You Go Gettin’ Your Tan On …

Y’all been out and bought your self-tanners yet? I’ve used several with varying degrees of success, and I still haven’t found one that I am 100% wild and crazy about, myself, as they tend to feel heavy and suffocating and I just can’t wait to get in the shower and get them OFF of me, thereby … [Read more...]

Exfoliate your lips for a perfect pucker

As the weather gets a little warmer my thoughts are turning to spring. It conjures up pictures of bright colors in my mind and the latest reports on the trends for Spring 2009 are no exception. The forecast is calling for lots of bright coral and hot pink to start blooming at the makeup … [Read more...]

We Are Now Entering Peak Crust Season.

In most of the country, the weather's turned cooler by now, meaning the heat's cranking up inside, billowing out the hot, dryish air, and that can't lead anywhere good where your skin's concerned. It's going to be needing moisturizer, and lots of it, but first you'll have to find a way to chisel … [Read more...]