Homemade Sugar Scrubs

I'm not all that crafty. I love small projects. I like simple and quick. I get too impatient for projects that are too involved. That's why I was just thrilled when Domino Sugar contacted me about making something from the homemade gift section of their site. I hadn't given much thought to … [Read more...]

Burt Makes It All Better

The cold wave has hit us early here in NC. There's not much about cold rainy days that I like, but a warm bath always seems to make things better, doesn't it? I love a long soak in the tub. For years I've stuck with the same few bath products - all organic and lavender scented. (Just call me … [Read more...]

Red Wine…It’s Not Just For Drinking

After a long day at work, I enjoy coming home and relaxing with a glass of wine at dinner. But, I never thought to treat the outside of my body with red wine too. That is until I came across a Red Wine Body Scrub by Abrione. The Red Wine Scrub contains anti-oxidants from red wine … [Read more...]

The perfect scrub for curing dry winter skin

Every winter my legs start to dry up. By February they are scaly enough to belong to a dragon and ashy flakes cover my socks. It gets so bad that it looks like I had used my socks to cover my hands while clapping the chalkboard erasers for the nuns back in grade school when I take them off in the … [Read more...]