Severe Dry Lip Remedy That Really Works

lips____by_DeliciouslyFor some reason my lips have been terribly dry this autumn season. I usually don’t see the side-effects of the colder weather until January or later. And on top of that, they looked as though I had received a botched collagen injection. Not a pretty sight. In my desperate attempt to solve my lip issues, I even asked my physician if there was anything that might be causing the three week stint with red, cracked, ugly, unkissable lips. She just suggested that it might be dehydration or that it might have turned into an infection. Right…so now what?

I used a lip balm, lanolin, olive oil, neosporin, and honey…you name it; none of them even put a dent in the situation. It wasn’t until I asked my good friend and maker of fabulous natural products that I saw the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

Shelly, founder of Joyful Girl Naturals, sent me three lip staples for healing and maintenance of my lips. First, I had to exfoliate the slough that had accumulated, so I used the Sweet Orange Lip Exfoliator. OMG! Talk about a full-out girlie experience to die for! The brown sugar-based, moisture-infused product gave an immediate feeling of relief from the burning I was experiencing. After a gentle swirl for about a minute, I actually licked it off! It says to rinse with lukewarm water; but why, when it’s all natural and completely harmless. Plus, it tastes really good!

I followed up the yummy first step with the Orange Cuticle and Lip Butter. This is truly one of the silkiest lip products I’ve ever used. Pure heaven! She also sent me the Organic Shea Butter Orange Lip Balm for maintenance. You won’t find me without it this winter. Joyful Girl Naturals are products that I trust to be 100% natural and free of all chemicals that you all know I don’t care for too much. Shelly is a beautiful person who sends me her products for free all the time. She doesn’t expect anything in return, not even this review that I’m doing because I want you ladies to experience the bliss she has given me. You can see the entire Joyful Girl line at Cheers!

Photo by Deliciously

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  1. Hey, Kellie! My son and daughter have severely dry lips this season. Do you think this would work for them? I’m assuming because the products are all natural, they shouldn’t complain about the taste or smell, right?

  2. My son has tried these products and love them! I believe the whole family would benefit from products of this quality.

  3. The best remedy I have found so far for dry lips is pure lanolin. (yes, the same stuff moms refer to as “nipple cream”.

  4. I actually used the “nipple” cream I have for nursing for 2 weeks trying to heal my severe dry, cracked lips and it helped but not fully. It wasn’t until I used the Joyful Girl’s stuff that they completely healed and felt even better than they did before the condition.