Therapon Skin Care *GIVEAWAY*

A few months ago I was introduced to Therapon Skin Health, and I was immediately drawn in by their story:

As a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. James Beckman, founder of Therapon Skin Health, treated several burn patients in his practice. These patients often required skin grafts to repair the damaged skin. Grafted skin does not contain the oil glands needed to keep the skin supple. While this may not sound like a big deal to the average person, it certainly does to someone who has lost complete mobility of their hands because they are not able to open and close them due to brittle skin! Dr. Beckman began researching a solution for his patients… [Read More]

In a nutshell, his solution for his burn patients had an unexpected side effect. It also seemed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. That is when Therapon’s skin care system was created.

This is a pharmaceutical grade skin care system, and everyone I know who uses it raves about it. I’ve been writing for Therapon’s blog for several months now, and when I was at Blissdom, I was able to meet many of the other contributors. I can honestly say their skin looks great. And now, Therapon wants to share their products with YOU!


Therapon is giving away four of their skincare systems so there will be FOUR winners for this giveaway!

  1. Skin Renewal System
  2. Eternox Wrinkle Reduction System,
  3. Reversion Acne Control System
  4. a body pampering system that consists of Nupeel, Body Restoration Creme, and a Sunscreen

There is one required entry and six optional entries, for a total of SEVEN possible entries. You must leave a separate comment for each; it’s the only way to count them. This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. The winner must reply within 3 days or another will be chosen.


1. Leave a comment on this post and tell us which Therapon product you need the most.


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On Saturday, we will select a winner using a random integer generator. We will post the name of the winner on Facebook and Twitter so be sure to watching for it! Good luck!

Thanks to Therapon Skin Health for being one of our Launch Week sponsors!!

Disclosure: I’m a regular contributor for Therapon’s blog. All Things Chic was given 2 skin care systems for review (both reviews are still to come) and 4 systems for this giveaway.

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  1. Honestly, I need them all. But if forced to choose, I’d love the Renewal System. I’m 47. I’m in desperate need of renewal.

  2. I am super obsessed with the moisturizer. And I honestly cannot afford their products so I really hope I win!! I loved going to one of their parties and getting the sample bottles of the system. It’s amazing!

  3. I follow ATC on Facebook.

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  5. And I follow Therapon on Twitter.

  6. And even though I don’t want to share, I did Tweet about it. 🙂

  7. My skin is dry and flakey in this winter weather…I could so use the renewal system!

  8. I follow ATC on Twitter.

  9. I tweeted!

  10. I follow ATC on FB.

  11. Wrinkle reduction would be right up my alley!

  12. I follow ATC on FB.

  13. I subscribe to ATC via e-mail.

  14. Matiko and Sherri Bodell — LOVE BOTH OF THOSE lines!

  15. My wrinkles are just starting to peek out. I think the Skin Renewal system would be the most helpful for me.

  16. I’ve added All Things Chic to my Google Reader.

  17. Sunscreen! Must protect my young skin early. I refuse to be freckled.

  18. I follow ATC on Twitter!

  19. I need all the wrinkle help I can get, that and sunscreen. I don’t want to be a shar pei old lady one day!

  20. I Follow All Things Chic on Twitter

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  22. I follow Therapon on Twitter!

  23. skin renewal system

  24. The skin renewal! Or the wrinkle reducer for under my eyes!

  25. I follow on facebook!

  26. I would love the Skin Renewal system.

  27. I like Therapon Skin Health on FB.

  28. I follow All Things Chic on FB.

  29. After 6 pregnancies ,2 divorces and turning the big “50”..i need all the help I can get…I definitely need the skin renewal system!

  30. I follow on Facebook

  31. The wrinkle reducer is the one for me

  32. I would love the skin renewal or the body pampering system.

  33. I would love to try the skin renewal system.

  34. I subscribe via email.

  35. skin renewal’s got my name all over it!

  36. I would love the skin renewal

  37. i follow ATC on Facebook

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  40. i follow ATC on Twitter

  41. The Eternox Wrinkle Reduction System is something I could definitely use. I’m starting to get lines and wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. It would be wonderful to be able to find something that works for smoothing them out and helping to reduce the appearance.

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  46. I really want to try the Fruit Acid Exfoliant! I just think it could help keep my face looking so fresh!

  47. I follow in an RSS feeder!

  48. I also follow in Twitter!

  49. I so want to try the wrinkle cream.

  50. I would love the skin renewal products!

  51. I subscribe via google reader.

  52. I follow @allthingschic on twitter.

  53. The Skin Renewal system sounds like something that could really help my dry, wintery complexion!

  54. I subscribe via RSS reader!

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  56. Reagan H. says:

    I subscribe via google reader.

  57. Um – I totally need the Renewal System – lord knows my skin needs to be renewed!

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  61. the eternox wrinkle reduction sounds great.

  62. violet3345 says:

    I need the Theraderm Skin Renewal System! Thank you for the offer!

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    I follow All Things Chic on Twitter

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    I subscribe to All Things Chic via Email.

  66. violet3345 says:

    I posted the following to Twitter: “Win a @TheraponSkin skincare system at @AllThingsChic!”

  67. The Gentle Moisturizer from the Skin Renewal would be what I need as I have really dry skin!

  68. cestyeuxbruns says:

    I could totally use the Reversion Acne products!!

  69. cestyeuxbruns says:

    I am a follower as well!

  70. Skin Renewal as seriously, who wouldn’t want new skin?

  71. I would love skin renewal products!

  72. I follow on FB!

  73. I subscribed via RSS feed! I would love the skin renewal products!

  74. I need the acne control kit!

  75. I would love the Reversion Acne Control System. I always break out in the cold weather 🙁

  76. I like you on Facebook and follow on twitter!

  77. The sunscreen looks really good! I know protection is key to great skin for many years to come. Thanks!

  78. All Things Chic email subscriber

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  80. I (quite sadly at 28) need the acne system still!

  81. I get your emails!

  82. I need the skin restoration creme

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  84. I subscribe to All Things Chic

  85. I need the the Theraderm® Enriched Facial Moisturizer it is said to “create dewy, youthful-looking skin”. I’m all about being youthful!

    Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  86. I follow your rss.

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  88. The skin renewal sounds awesome! =)

  89. All Things Chic on FB. I LIKE IT!

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  93. I ‘like’ you on FB too.

  94. I would love to try the Eternox Wrinkle Reduction System

  95. I subscribed to All Things Chic via RSS

  96. I would LOVEE the Theraderm Skin Brightener, Thanks!
    farrah dot ritter at gmail dot com

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  102. I would love the wrinkle reduction system.

  103. michael achille says:

    I would Love the Skin Renewal System—It would help with my skin in this BRUTAL winter–and keep me looking chic!