Desperately Seeking Wide Calf Boots

Every woman deserves a great pair of boots, even if she happens to have wider calves than the average boot holds. Most average boots are made for a 14″ calf, which makes it not only hard to find a great pair of boots, but also self-defeating.

Do not despair; there are a number of wonderful online shops that are willing to offer you great looking boots in a wider calf size.

Before You Start Shopping

First things first, measure both your calves in inches with a fabric tape measure. Yes, both of them. Afterwards you will be surprised to learn that your calves are not the same size. Do not worry, it is perfectly normal. Make a note of the larger size.

While You Are Shopping

When online shopping for boots, it is important to read the small print, in this case if you find a boot you like the appearance of, go immediately to the product information and find the calf circumference. In most instances, the calf size will change with the size of the shoe (the higher the size, the wider the circumference or vice versa). Crazy, I know, but that is how standard calf sizing works.

No matter how much you love the looks of a boot, do not order them if there is no calf size information.

If the size information says, “wide calf”, do not assume it will fit your calf.

When in doubt, email the retailer for specific calf information in your size. A customer friendly retailer will have no problem giving you this information.

The latest in online shopping allows for customers to make fit comments about individual products. Not every website will have these, but make a point of reading them for the styles you like.

High prices do not always mean great fit and comfort, but expect to pay more than $50 for a good pair of boots, especially if they are genuine leather.

Where to Shop Online for Wide Calf Boots

Ready Made Boots

  • Torrid is one of the top contenders for trendy plus size clothes, but they are also one of the top contenders for affordable, stylish boots with wide calves. They ship to 150+ countries including the United States and Canada. Torrid is the only retailer that I have come across that has offered plus size woman true above the knee and higher boots — and one of the few retailers to give a calf circumference for each foot size. Their boots are always for wider calves and almost always under $100, like these Amelia Flap Over boots for $69:

wide calf fashion boots

  • Zappos offers a variety of wide calf boots in dressy and casual styles. They are known for their customer service and satisfaction. They started out as the “it” store of shoes and have now expanded to clothing, bags, and other accessories for both men and women including a plus size clothing line. Zappos ships internationally.
  • Silhouettes does not have a huge selection of boots, but they do have a few standards. Like the dress boots shown here:

wide calf fashion boots 2

Custom Made Boots

  • Boots for Broads works with your ankle and calf size to give you a better fitting boot. And they offer other custom features too — need one heel adjusted — they will do it for you! Because they are custom made, they take a few weeks to create after you place your order. Then add shipping time on top of that. Boots for Broads is an Australian retailer but offers international shipping. There are ten boot styles available in black, brown, or red for $250 including this gorgeous over-the-knee boots.

wide calf fashion boots 3

  • JJ Footwear offers fashionable, functional and well made wide calf boots for $295 (shipping price included) from the UK. There are about twelve styles to choose from in made-to-order sizing. They offer a wider range of calf sizes than most shops, but not all styles are made in all sizes. Enter your calf size and see what your options are. JJ Footwear ships worldwide.

See, there is not a shortage of wide calf boots on the market. You just have to know where to look. Have fun breaking in your new boots!

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  1. Now I’m hoping that you’ll do a similar post about narrow calf boots for women with “chicken legs” like mine.

    • I won’t but maybe one of the other women can take up the challenge! The good thing about “chicken legs” is you can always tuck in your pant legs.

  2. I am so loving those over the knee wedge boots! I want some!

  3. Nice boots. Seems that the wide calf boots are really popular this year.

  4. I have bought 2 pairs of boots from and I have never been able to find or wear boots before in my life.  Not only do I have large calves, but I was also blessed with wide feet too and this amazing company sells wide foot widths too.  The best part of all is that I didn’t get all excited for nothing because every boot has a calf size listed for each foot size so I was able to pick a pair of riding boots in their “super wide calf” category. 

     As soon as I opened the carton and tried on my boots for the first time my husband thought someone was attacking me in our living room when he heard me shreik!  It was for joy though!  I have since purchased a great pair of over-the-knee boots but there aren’t many sizes at this time of year.  They had loads of styles and sizes earlier but check them out and keep them in mind if you can’t find your size now.  Their customer service dept. rocks – very nice and extremely helpful!  Good luck!

  5. Claire Thomas says:

    I’m loving at the moment – they have a new style each month

    • Thanks Claire, there are definitely some cute styles there! Too bad the red ones on their feature page are no longer available, talk about hot boots!