Project Runway Recap: Episode 7

Big enough for Broadway!  That was theme of last night’s episode.  And with the big personalities of the designers, I was expecting some outrageous designs.

After sufficiently mourning the loss of Rami, the designers got to work on their next challenge: designing a look for a rich, as in super rich, broadway character.  In honor of the 40th anniversary of the musical “Godspell,” the designers had to create separates for a very ostentatious wealthy female character who steals from the poor to show off her wealth.  It was specifically dictated that there should be a quirky feel because the items come from the other characters, but basically she should look rich and a little evil.

The workroom is a flurry of fur and gold as the designers get to work.  Austin is practically on cloud nine over getting to sketch in the theater and create a look for a prestigious broadway play.

The results?

To the runway!

[spoiler alert]


CHALLENGE WINNER: Mondo, although Austin came prettttty close.  But even the hairstyle of his model showcased the rich, evil brewing within.

PERSONAL FAVORITE: I was rooting for Austin the whole time.  His enthusiasm is contagious!  And I seriously wanted to steal that stole.

SENT PACKING: Kara, which surprised me considering this challenge was her best yet in the competition.  The judges just couldn’t see past the large bow and felt that she could have pushed the outfit to be more eclectic.

PERSONAL WORST:  I think I’m holding a grudge against Jerell.  He’s just not doing it for me.  His outfit was okay, but very matronly.  And his sleeves looked like they were shedding.  I’d have to throw Kenley in here too…her outfit looked more ‘Barbie’ than ‘Broadway’.


Who do you think should have won?  Been sent home?  Sound it out on Rate The Runway!

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  1. This week, I agree with both the winning and losing design. And I loved when Austin was sitting with his head down, then looked up and said “BROADWAY!” Haha.