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Meet Mandi, the delightful and adorable lady behind Juggling Chic. She is a mom of 3 (including a new little one), is a teacher AND she always looks amazing! Her style is classics with a trendy twist –  and she manages to keep it affordable by being a thrifting superstar!! She inspired me to start hitting thrift shops weekly and I am totally hooked. I’m forever grateful!

1. How do you describe your style?

I love trying trends, but I incorporate them with classic pieces. I’m a mom of a 5, 3, and 6th month old, so my style has to be comfortable, practical, and affordable!

2.   What’s your favorite thing in your closet?

My favorite thing in my closet is my black blazer. Blazers/jackets pull everything together!

3. What was your ‘best buy’ story?

This summer I found a 70’s Coach satchel purse for $1.50 at the Goodwill’s 50% sale!

4. What are your favorite stores to shop?

Definitely The Loft and any thrift store!

5. Name the most valuable tool in your makeup/skincare bag:

I never leave home without my lipstick on.  My favorite right now is Revlon’s Fuchsia #675!

Be sure to follow Mandi on Facebook and Twitter – you will love her site!!

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Written by Melissa Angert, editor of this fashion blog and author of Girlymama. You can also find her on Twitter as Melissa Angert. She is a mom of 3 living in Providence.


  1. ALWAYS enjoy stopping by her blog:)

  2. Thanks again Melissa! I’m happy you’re a thrifter now!