Project Runway Recap: Episodes 8 & 9

Yes, a double feature!  I apologize for the delay on Episode 8 but I was on vacation and internet-less.  It put quite the damper on my online shopping!

But back to the show – first a quick recap of Episode 8.  A challenge that could GREATLY benefit some countries when planning outfits for the Olympics was bestowed upon the designers: create a look inspired by the flag of a particular region.  I expected some major color-blocking to come into play and wasn’t disappointed with the outcome!

To the runway!

CHALLENGE WINNER: Mondo, while the front looked sleek but very black, the back had the pop of green and yellow in a chevron pattern.  Brilliant.  And wearable.

PERSONAL FAVORITE: Mondo, but I definitely wanted to pack Austin’s flowing gown for a beach vacation!  The color combination and braided trim was gorgeous.

SENT PACKING: Mila’s odd cut made this dress not as wearable for the average person.  Although the color-blocking details were gorgeous, ultimately the judges weren’t impressed and she was sent home.

PERSONAL WORST:  I think Jerell’s design was sloppy…and a bit too literal for this challenge.  The dress and draping made the model look very thick to me.

Who do you think should have won?  Been sent home?  Sound it out on Rate The Runway!

And now onto Episode 9…

Where the runway was really lit up for a challenge full of high-tech lighting elements.  Each of the remaining designers were tasked with creating a look using ‘fairy lights’.  This challenge had the potential to be a parade of walking glow-sticks and to be honest, I wasn’t convinced that some of the designers had the smarts to use this type of technology in their designs.

Let’s see how they did though…

[spoiler alert]

CHALLENGE WINNER: Austin.  Was there even a question of it?  His outfit was out of this world.  The way the tulle was lit up gave the dress a magical, whimsical element.

PERSONAL FAVORITE: Austin.  Hands down.  Second favorite would have to be Kenley purely for the amazing plaid neon dress underneath her ‘cape’.

SENT PACKING: Jerell.  FINALLY.  I’m so not a fan of his tribal style and find his work to be sloppy and directionless.  His design would have rocked Lady Gaga’s stage but most of society wouldn’t have given it a second look.

PERSONAL WORST:  Jerell’s was the worst, but I have to say I was disappointed in Mondo simply because the look was a bit plain.


Who do you think should have won?  Been sent home?  Sound it out on Rate The Runway!

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  1. I would have liked to see Michael sent home. Sometimes I wonder how much they keep certain people around for ratings. But it’s true, Jerell’s outfits are pretty garish most of the time.