Thrift Store Shopping

I love shopping at my local thrift stores whenever I can for three reasons. First of all, since they are usually connected to a local charity, it’s an easy way to give back to my community. All I have to do is shift the usual shopping I would otherwise be doing elsewhere to a thrift store.

Thrift Store Shopping 1

Second, to reuse helps reduce my overall environmental impact. I can choose to purchase an item that still has plenty of life left, even if the original wearer no longer needed/wanted it. Reduce, REUSE, recycle, right?

Thrift Store Shopping 2

And third, it’s a tremendous cost savings. It’s true that the cost-benefit analysis for the time-value of money doesn’t always work out in the favor of your local thrift store. After all, you often have to devote quite a bit of time to shopping since you’re not guaranteed to find what you need, unlike the convenience of shopping at the mall.

But the first two reasons above usually make it worth it for me.

Thrift Store Shopping 3

Last spring, my friend Hilary Nichols (another thrift store fan) and I went to our local Salvation Army to see what we might find. Every single item I’m wearing in these photos, including those fantastic boots and my accessories, came from that morning’s Salvation Army shopping trip.

Thrift Store Shopping 4

As you can see, Hilary is an incredibly talented photographer. This might be a good time to mention that she’s available for wedding and portrait photography throughout the US and internationally. Definitely check out her website!

Thrift Store Shopping 5

I’ve discovered all sorts of incredible finds at my local thrift stores. But the rose necklace I’m wearing in these two photos is my favorite. Despite appearances, it’s not a locket, but I love the antique feel to it.

Thrift Store Shopping 6

Amazingly, I spent as much on these four complete outfits as I would have spent on a single facial. I do love facials, but wow, that’s a great deal.

Thrift Store Shopping 7

At $12.99, the black boots were the most expensive item I bought that day. My necklaces and earrings averaged about $3 each and I’ve continued to wear them frequently. So frequently, in fact, that I actually lost one earring. I was sad to lose it, but glad I had only spent a few dollars for the pair.

Thrift Store Shopping 8And, yes! Those are maternity jeans! Normally $30-$40, I bought them for about $5.

Do you ever shop at thrift stores? What are your favorite thrift store finds?

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  1. I like to shop at the goodwill. My mother can find some amazing bargains on name brand little used items from our local goodwill. We don’t have many thrift shops that aren’t really really dirty though so usually I don’t go to those.

  2. Love the looks and it is always great to find a Bargain. The purple is super fun.

  3. My dad has always been what I refer to as the ‘goodwill king’. He comes out of there with clothing that is like new or even new, with the tags still on them.

    He is always co-ordinated and on-trend, even now in his elderly years.

    He calls his time in those stores ‘treasure hunting’ and it gives me joy to know that he finds joy in shopping.

    I guess I know where I get my love for seeing that perfect outfit come together! 🙂