Fashion Friday: SJP’s New Shoe Line

We all know Sarah Jessica Parker is well-known for her love of shoes – both on and off-screen. Can you only imagine….


The collection features classic pumps, canvas flats, lace-up booties and T-strap heels — named “The Carrie,” which her beloved character surely would have kept in her amazing shoe closet!


The whole collection is available for viewing on Racked, but here are a few favorites of mine:


The Billie: These just scream summer, don’t they? In LOVE! “I imagine every woman in these. They’re comfy and chic, especially with the low-cut front.” ($195)

The Carrie: SJP CollectionThe Carrie: versitle, classic and chic. “Carrie is obviously one of my favorite people, and this is an ode to her. It’s a strong shoe that can be worn for day and night.” ($355)


The Lady: not sure about this one, a little boring. “This shoe is polite and old-fashioned. It suits a wide range of women with its simple silhouette.” ($350)

SJP Shoe Collection

The Pola and the Silvia: oh, the bows. Those heels. LOVE!!!  ($345 to $365.)

The SJP shoe line, which retails from $195 to $485, will be available at Nordstrom on Feb. 28.

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  1. I would definitely check this out……thanks for sharing. Happy Friday!


  2. I love the fact that she has her own line. Those flats are TDF!

  3. I can’t wait to see these in person and try them on. SO cute!

  4. This is so exciting, I want to see more of the range.

  5. Only wished she had launched this sooner!

  6. What’s the shoe range? I know it won’t include size 11-12-13, so I’m out!