Super LOFT Sale: $29.50 Dresses

If you are anything like me, something about the heat and humidity of summer makes me resistant to wearing more than one item of clothing at a time. So I live in summer dresses. LOFT is one of my favorite places to buy dresses. The quality is great, and, unlike many other tween-friendly … [Read more...]

Graduation Dress Shopping

The day has finally come. My husband graduates from law school tomorrow and that means I claim victory over his legal-textbook mistress. He is mine! No more late nights at the library to write memos and notes and briefs (all of which, despite appearances, are actually quite lengthy). So how do … [Read more...]

Fun in the sunDRESS

With the arrival of sunshine and warm weather, I bid my jeans goodbye. I know there are some who wear jeans year around and to you all I say, rock on. I am a total jeans girl in the cool weather, but I cannot stand even the thought of wearing them on a hot, summer day. During the summer I … [Read more...]