The Magic of Baby Wipes — with an Extra Beauty Tip from Brad Pitt

Even if you don't have anyone from the ankle biter set running around the house, it behooves every fashionista to have a package of baby wipes at the ready. Why, you ask? It's the easiest way to remove accidental deodorant stains from clothing. Simply lay out the shirt on a flat surface and … [Read more...]

Products for People Against Dirty Part 2

A couple of weeks ago I did a post about Method Home Eucalyptus Mint Tub and Shower Cleaner and Wood For Good Almond Wipes. I absolutely LOVE these products. I decided that I would try some other Method products. I have been doing lots of Spring DIY products, and have made many trips to Lowe's. … [Read more...]

Caring for your bras

Whether you spend a lot of money on your bra's or not, I bet you'd like to extend the life of your bras! One of my FAVORITE products is this bra wash bag! Tide and Woolite both make the same bag, and you can easily find them at stores like WalMart and Target in the aisle where they sell … [Read more...]

Undies: Take 2

A couple of weeks ago, I explained the virtues of $12 underwear. I promised in that post that I would be able to justify spending $12 on one pair of underwear, so here we go. My first pair of Body by Victoria Hiphuggers were purchased7 years ago - which, in my mind, is about a decade ago. That's … [Read more...]