Best Dressed at Any Wedding: You.

It's that season, ladies, and there are so many fresh styles that work for wedding attire. We all know that wearing white is unacceptable, but what are the other guidelines to follow? What's too sexy, what's too boring? And what, pray tell, is black tie-optional? As a bride myself, I can tell you … [Read more...]

Caring for your Swimsuit

Just in time for Spring Break and bikini season (or rock-that-one-piece season), we have a few easy tips for keeping your suit in tip-top shape! Swimsuits really have it rough between all the chlorine, salt, sand, sun, sunscreen and other lotions we use while having a great time at the beach or … [Read more...]

Denim Care 101

You invest a lot in your jeans. Don't just throw them in the regular wash cycle like your ol' fat-day yoga pants. Care for them! Just a few simple steps will keep your jeans looking and feeling like new. WASH: Most denim needs to be washed only every 4-5 wearings. When you do, wash them … [Read more...]

Care for your Boots

Its almost fall -- which means BOOT SEASON! (Insert happy dance!) Time to dig those boots that got buried in the back of your closet under a pile of flip flops and get ready for fall! BOOT STORAGE: If you have the closet space, hanging your boots is a great way to prevent scuffing and help … [Read more...]

Summer Stain Care

Summer brings along a whole 'nother type of stains to deal with. Remember to always check the stain before putting clothes in the dryer - the heat will set the stain and make it even more difficult to remove! Deodorant: Check to see if the stain has changed the color of the fabric. If so, apply … [Read more...]

Spot Check!

It's the holidays, when you go to party after party trying to figure out how to balance your wine glass and your plate and somehow eat all without dropping anything on your dress. But stains happen.We'll fix them! RED WINE :: Dilute the stain with a bit of club soda as soon as you see it and … [Read more...]

Product Review: Downy Unstopables

Are you a member of Vocalpoint? If not, and you like to try out new products for your home, sign up today. The more you participate, the more sample offers you receive... and let me tell you, I just received a GOOD ONE! It's Downy Unstopables, an in-wash scent booster for your laundry. I … [Read more...]

Tide To Go to the Rescue!

Last weekend, my brother married a fabulous lady. Both Nicole (fellow ATC contributor and my sister) and I were bridesmaids. We thought of everything - mimosas for when we were getting our hair done, extra bobby pins for hair emergencies, tissues, bandaids... we thought of everything. Somehow, … [Read more...]

Laundry Lifesaver

I grew up in a house where laundry was pretty much an art form. When it came to doing the wash, there were rules to be followed. The cardinal rule: Always sort your loads according to color and/or type of fabric -- whites, pastels, primary colors and delicates. That rule has pretty much … [Read more...]