What’s At Trina’s Sink?

As most women out there, I'm on the all too famous quest for the holy grail of facial products. At this point in my journey I'm using Olay ProX for two reasons. First off because I'm obsessed with the expression lines around my mouth and need something to diminish them and secondly my 40 year … [Read more...]

Rehab for Your Skin

I've just this year really started to get serious about taking diligent care of my skin. Once I noticed sun spots that weren't there before and wrinkles getting deeper I had to do something. I've always been the lazy type when it came to skin care and I shamefully admit going to bed numerous … [Read more...]

My Night-Time Cleansing HAS To Be Easy

If my night-time routine takes more than 3-5 minutes or involves too many bottles or containers, it just won't happen. I am lazy at night! When I finally do go to bed, I want to hurry and get there and do the least amount of work. I do know that it isn't good to leave makeup on your face … [Read more...]