What to Wear to a Wedding: Late Summer Edition


Who doesn't love getting dressed up to celebrate the nuptials of those we care about? But with sticky August humidity holding strong and early-September heat waves totally plausible, you might have visions of sweaty pits and wrinkled silks in your head. Fret not; this wedding-obsessed gal has been … [Read more...]

Fall Fashionably Forward — The Best Transitional Pieces

lanvin 2

There's nothing I love more than digging around the sale racks in the final weeks of August. Just as the kiddos head back to school, but with summer temps still soaring, it's a great time to score steals that you can enjoy for another couple of months before storing till next year. But the ultimate … [Read more...]

Kevel Mommy: A Maternity Solution for Chic Moms Everywhere

photo 2 (16)

Okay, bad news first. In the six months since I got pregnant, I have found with very few exceptions that maternity clothes are either a) hideous, b) overpriced, or c) both. Tragic, no? For a fashionista who had a summer of crop tops and nipped-waist dresses on deck, the thrilling news this spring … [Read more...]

Summer Skimmers for the Mom on the Go


With my swollen pregnancy feet this summer, I'm mostly stuck in flip flops. But I do my best to work in as many cute shoes as I possibly can. As comfy as a flip flop can be, haven't we all had that moment where we felt our cute outfit would be just a bit more polished with the right shoe? Even the … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Lands’ End for Back to School

Lands End Back to School

Last Friday evening, I was able to attend the absolutely amazing KidzVuz event at Blogger Bash - and was blown away by the adorableness that I saw from Lands' End! First off, you can't go back to school without a backpack! (Unless maybe you got a backpack from Lands' End last year and its … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Summer Sales


Looking for a few things to beef up your summer wardrobe? There's tons of great deals right now that won't put a huge dent in your wallet and will give you tons of wear time still! We can help. Cause we love ya. Anthropologie is offering an additional 20% off sale items. And they have lots of … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Charming Charlie

Meet Charming Charlie

I was just introduced to Charming Charlie by my sisters - I'd heard of them but never actually been in a store. Which was probably a good thing. Because I wanted to buy the WHOLE STORE. If you have a weakness for jewelry (like me), Charming Charlie is a great way to indulge without breaking … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Coveting for Summer

ATC summer wish list

Every year, there's a few pieces that catch my eye and I drool over them all summer long. Until I either impulsively splurge or I see them on sale in August. (Usually the latter!) This year, I have my eye on several beauties I need to share... Oh, I am SO getting a pair of scallop shorts. OH YES … [Read more...]

Trend Watch: Little White Dress

trend alert white dresses

Again this year, the little white dress is all over the place! Its time to make room in your wardrobe for this little number, Ladies, it is here to stay!   Our favorites? Your first stop for a little white dress should ALWAYS be Lilly Pulitizer!  Alden Lace Tunic, $178 Jepson … [Read more...]