Best of Beauty: Corolle Hairstyling Head

My daughter is obsessed with doing hair! She LOVES playing hairstylist - and sometimes its a little dangerous for Mama :-) I've had brushes and combs stuck in my hair... I've even had to cut out rubber bands that she's tangled in there! The Corolle Hairstyling Head is a perfect toy for future … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: Corolle Mon Premier Dolls

My kids have a ton of toys. An embarrassing amount. Its a side effect of Mama being a blogger, I guess. Yet, even with so many toys - I find that there are a few that they consistently return to. Ones that never go back into their storage places - they're always being played with and enjoyed. In … [Read more...]

Get Organized with Thirty-One Gifts!

After we moved into our new home, I was determined to be organized. Determined. But I sure needed help.  Its so hard to keep things in place - especially with three kids and an insane amount of papers and socks and shoes and just... STUFF. Its everywhere! Luckily, Thirty One has some fabulous … [Read more...]

Corolle Mon Classique Graceful Pink Review

We LOVE Corolle!! They are no less than the most realistic baby dolls we’ve ever seen. Check out the Mon Classique Graceful Pink doll: Mon Bebe Classique Graceful Pink has a huggably soft body, smooth skin and that Corolle signature vanilla scent. She comes with her own pacifier and an … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: Corolle Chic

My daughter is obsessed with Corolle fashion dolls! The Les Cheries Fashions are completely darling: amazingly on trend for a toy! I feel like most doll fashions are designed as fashions people 'think' girls like - not what they actually would wear and certainly not what is really trendy! My … [Read more...]

Lundby: Chic Dollhouses Worthy of Display

After we moved last month, I came to a realization: We have too many toys. Not just toys, junky toys. I'm done. I'm done with plastic things that break moments after they are out of the box. I'm done with anything that has batteries and makes unnecessary noise. My kids play with you for 2 hours … [Read more...]

Cute Summer Camping/Hiking Gear

Going camping? Here are some cute ideas for an outfit you could use! Let's start from head to toe! You're going to want a hat to keep the harsh sunlight off your face and to keep you sheltered a little from rain. I suggest starting with a nice cap from prAna for $38.00 on … [Read more...]

Show your Fashion Sense with Shmoozees

Do your kids have a fabulous earring collection to show off? Meet the cutest earring display EVER! Shmoozees! You can put your favorite cute earrings in their ears and show off your style! Right now, Shmoozees is having a video contest and you can enter a video and win $500! Check out my … [Read more...]

Octonauts is Science Made Fun

We just love Octonauts - an adorable show of colorful animal characters  who explore the world under the sea. My son is obsessed with everything ocean-related - fish, sharks, penguins, you name it! - so this is a huge hit with him! I'm sure we've seen every single episode in the past year! We are … [Read more...]