Dare to Try… The Best of Fall Beauty

Your tan might have faded, but your spirit hasn't. As we head into fall, there's never been a better time to up the beauty ante with some of the latest products and colors on the market. So as not to obliterate the walls surrounding your comfort zone, thus throwing you even farther back in your … [Read more...]

Nail It: The Best Colors for Summer-into-Fall

I was so tempted to¬†opt for dark gray when getting a manicure last week, but I refrained as we are still a few weeks away from Labor Day. Shouldn't we still be feeling sunny and bright and pink? In the end, I went with a bold, nearly fluorescent coral on my toes, but couldn't bring myself to do pure … [Read more...]

Starry-Eyed Surprise

Following runway beauty trends can be a full-time job (really!), and busy moms have no time to scour style.com trying to figure out how to incorporate out-there looks into their personal beauty routines. That said, there is something so satisfying about attempting--and pulling off--a fresh, … [Read more...]

gift guide: fashionable knowledge.

Know someone who LOVES fashion but aren't quite sure what to get them for the holidays?  Just because they love clothes, doesn't mean that's all you can buy them.  Why not supplement their fashion addiction with monthly magazines such as:  InStyle, Vogue,  Lucky, … [Read more...]