Get the Look: Fashion Forward

Wednesday I went up to NYC to attend the second Fashion Forward Conference - I attended last year and it was such a great experience. I was eager to go back, mix and mingle with so many incredibly talented bloggers,learn from top industry speakers and mix and mingle with fabulous brands. It was a … [Read more...]

How to Nail Casual Cool Style

It looks effortless. But like beachy waves or just-rolled-out-of-bed hair, it is actually tricky to pull off! There's more to it than thorwing on a bunch of clothes and running out the door. Think about the look you want and then think outside the box to achieve it. A few tips to nail the … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Back to School with Lands End

Its almost time! The kids are really excited (not) and we're ready to going full stream ahead for back to school shopping.  My girls especially are picking out their back to school outfits for the first day. We just moved to a new city, so they are all starting a new schools this August and they are … [Read more...]

What to Wear to a Baseball Game

I never know what to wear to a baseball game. I'm not a super-fan who wears the team jersey and hat and paints my face or something. So how does one look sporty and cute? I have a few ideas! Keep it simple with a white tee and short with a few cute accessories. And keeping it mildly sporty … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Nordstrom Sale

ITS TIME. The annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, kicks off TODAY! Starting July 19th, customers will have the opportunity to shop brand new merchandise at amazing prices – and to stock up on fall must-haves before the season even starts. The prices only last for two weeks, and all Anniversary … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: How to Wear a Belt

A belt will make almost anything you're wearing look instantly more put together. Belts are also inexpensive way to try out new trends with what you already own!  If you are afraid a belt will look funny or draw unwanted attention to your waist, belting is actually a lot easier (and more flattering) … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Kate Hudson for Ann Taylor

Just perfect for summer, Ann Taylor has released their new collection designed in collaboration with Kate Hudson. Inspired by her easy, elegant style (which she hesitates to call "bohemian"), Kate's collection includes both apparel and accessories which she says "feel like me". Here are just some … [Read more...]

Fashion Friday: Favorite Beach Coverups

Once you've found your dream swimsuit, it's time to find the perfect cover up to match. (Unless of course you plan on prancing all the way over to the beach in your itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini...) Here are a few of my favorites! Which is yours? Topshop Tangerine Strip Net … [Read more...]

Best Dressed at Any Wedding: You.

It's that season, ladies, and there are so many fresh styles that work for wedding attire. We all know that wearing white is unacceptable, but what are the other guidelines to follow? What's too sexy, what's too boring? And what, pray tell, is black tie-optional? As a bride myself, I can tell you … [Read more...]