StyleSeat: Looking Chic Just Got Easier


You know that feeling when you look in the mirror while brushing your teeth and realize you haven't had a haircut in way too long? (Thanks a lot, favorite stylist, for moving to a new town and leaving you in the dust). If you wait until a normal hour and try to set aside time to find a new cutter, … [Read more...]

Whish… for Lovely Legs


The summer sun is fading, and those gorgeous gams you came to admire might be looking and feeling a little worse for the wear. I love everything about fall, from the fashion to the food. But one thing I don't love are the itchy, newly-pale legs that start to emerge. Before you reach for those black … [Read more...]

Summer-Friendly Smoky Eye


Sometimes you just want to jazz it up for date night, a wedding, or whatever else your warm-weather plans have in store. I've found that an all-black or dark gray smoky eye can be a bit too heavy in summer months, but you can still achieve the same punch from color cousins brown or purple. The trick … [Read more...]

Best of Beauty: Glow this Winter with Fake Bake


Its that magical time of year, when our legs get so incredibly pale that they practically glow in the dark. Or is that just me? Since I live in the Northeast and not in Hawaii, in the cold, winter months I have to rely on self-tanner to make my legs look less like they belong to a … [Read more...]

Save Your Hands with Casabella Gloves

Casabella Premium Water Stop Cleaning Gloves

Hot water and harsh chemicals damage our skin and nails, especially at the sink. When washing dishes, the hot water and dish soap weaken fingernails, leading to torn nails and chipped polish, not to mention dried out cuticles. The simple solution is, of course, to wear cleaning gloves. But I've … [Read more...]

#BestofBeauty: Get Skin Ready for Winter

When the weather outside is frightful (my definition of "frightful" is "anything below 60 degrees." I really belong in Hawaii...), we here at All Things Chic have three simple rules for great skin: 1. Never go outside without gloves. $14 You can douse your hands in expensive lotion every … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Makeup

Courtesy of The Home Girl Blog

Something about the fall season always gets me thinking about ways to organize and declutter my life, including my makeup and skincare. Here are some of my favorite vanity organization tips to keep my cosmetics organized and within easy reach. Store brushes upright. If you don't want to spring … [Read more...]

Best of Beauty: Corolle Hairstyling Head


My daughter is obsessed with doing hair! She LOVES playing hairstylist - and sometimes its a little dangerous for Mama :-) I've had brushes and combs stuck in my hair... I've even had to cut out rubber bands that she's tangled in there! The Corolle Hairstyling Head is a perfect toy for future … [Read more...]

New! Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss

Burt's Bees Lip Gloss Evening Glow

Have you tried the new Burt's Bees lip glosses? I've long been a fan of their lip shimmers, but recently wanted something with a little more coverage so decided to check these out. First of all, I love that they have a lip shade finder on their site, since it's impossible to try on the … [Read more...]