MyMagic+: Disney Ramps up the Magic

On our last trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, we were introduced to My Magic+. Once again, Disney is taking vacation planning to a new level and helping families squeeze as much magic as possible into their vacations! First, before we left for our trip, we downloaded the Walt Disney World's … [Read more...]

Must See Country Houses to Visit in England

The country houses of England remain some of the most well preserved seats of established families to survive anywhere in the world. At their peak, aristocratic families built larger and larger homes as displays of wealth, but as the world changed, so did their wealth and a lot of these … [Read more...]

Outdoor Family Fun in San Antonio

San Antonio is a city that continues to grow, just like the rest of Texas, but for now it is still a city that is easily explored and enjoyed in a weekend.  One of the great things about a trip here, is that there is so much to do outdoors, and all of it is so different that you can really put … [Read more...]

Top 5 Chicago Attractions

Chicago is one of those destinations that gets better the more you explore, but when you only have a limited amount of time, even the surface can be a great vacation. First time visitors to Chicago might be overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that there is to see, but there are some definite … [Read more...]

North American Cruises that aren’t in the Caribbean

When most Americans hear the word cruise they automatically think of the sandy beaches of the Caribbean. The majority of cruises leaving the United States are in fact bound for the Caribbean but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. New England There are lots of cruises that depart … [Read more...]

ATC on Location: Block Island

If you're looking for a classic, storybook New England vacation spot, think Block Island. If you're looking for boardwalks, amusement parks and fast food... look elsewhere.  This is an island for bike rides and fishing. Long days at a quiet beach. Bare feet. Lingering over dinner at … [Read more...]

Visit Providence: Roger Williams Park Zoo

When you are exploring beautiful Providence, you need to hit the Roger Williams Park Zoo! We loved it so much we joined as members! Its a great size - tons of exhibits, but not tons of walking. You can easily tackle the zoo in 2-3 hours. Its spread out enough, though, that you aren't tripping … [Read more...]

ATC On Location: Bridgewalk Resort Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island might be one of the most perfect places on earth to have a family vacation.  The entire island is mostly residential, quiet, quirky and just oozing old Floridian charm.  Every corner has a little shop or cafe that invites you to just sit and stare at the turquoise waters of the … [Read more...]

ATC Favorite: Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean

I won't lie.  There's been times we've been delayed five minutes getting out the door JUST because we're hunting down a travel pack of wipes as opposed to the refill wipes.  Oh, you weren't aware there was a difference?  Become a parent and you learn that one does not equal the other.  The Huggies … [Read more...]