“Skinercise” A Skincare Concept You Need To Know

I have sung the praises of several skincare lines that I really like here on CC. Though I do appreciate what they did for my skin, I still always felt that there was something missing, that my skin wasn't quite satisfied with long-term results; this is why I continued to search for a better match. … [Read more...]

Alba Botanica’s Sea Lipid Moisturizer

It seems like I'm always looking for the perfect facial moisturizer. It's not that I haven't tried some wonderful products in the past, it's more of a quest to see what's out there, what's new, what impresses, and what fails miserably. Obviously you enjoy it, too, or you wouldn't be poking … [Read more...]

Is There A Miracle Cream?

This year, I've noticed some abundance in my life. And abundance of WRINKLES. I guess it's to be expected, being 35 and all. But that doesn't mean I like it! I've never spent much time or money on my skin. I'm not sure if that's the cause of the pesky under eye wrinkles that I'm trying not … [Read more...]

Resourceful Beauty

During this financial hardship that most of us have been affected by, I’ve come to know that thrifty beauty is the new thing (or the necessity). Though I’m no cosmetic snob, I do occasionally enjoy a shopping trip to major department store beauty departments and afternoons at the spa. As of late, … [Read more...]

A Chocolate Lover’s Dream

Once a chocolate lover-always a chocolate lover, do you concur? For those of you who do, have I got a treat for you today! Let me tempt you with the enticing aroma, the decadent creamy texture, the divine sweetness...can you taste it? You want to, don't you? Well, I'm afraid you'll have to … [Read more...]

Galvanic Spa: Amazing!

Though my beloved Colts lost the Superbowl last night (tear), I'm ready for another week of blogging and caring for my children, and I'm doing it looking younger than I thought possible. How's that, Kellie? You ask. I have been using a phenomenal anti-aging tool called a Galvanic Spa. Ever … [Read more...]

What’s in TidyMom’s Makeup Bag?

Hi everyone!! I'm Cheryl, aka TidyMom. I'm a 40-something {stay at home} mom to two beautiful daughters, 22 and 13. We closed a family retail business in July '08, since then I became a SAHM and my make-up routine has become much more simplistic/minimal. On my blog TidyMom, I share my … [Read more...]

Product Hopping Blues

One of the perks of writing for my own women's blog and several others is I get to try a lot of health and beauty products for free. Though I appreciate this job, I've noticed one downfall of subjecting my face to various formulas: My skin hates it! The glowing, creamy skin that I once had is … [Read more...]

Homemade Sugar Scrubs

I'm not all that crafty. I love small projects. I like simple and quick. I get too impatient for projects that are too involved. That's why I was just thrilled when Domino Sugar contacted me about making something from the homemade gift section of their site. I hadn't given much thought to … [Read more...]